Courses Overview

The ECSA Course by EC – Council Is a Fully Hands-on Program with Labs and Exercises That Cover Real-world Scenarios. The Program Includes Opportunities to Practice the Skills Taught in the ECSA Class, And Enable You to Uncover the Security Threats That Organizations Are Vulnerable To

What You Will Learn

The ECSA Program by EC – Council Offers a Seamless Learning Process and Includes a Set of Distinguishable Comprehensive Methodologies to Cover Different Pen Testing Requirements Across Varied Verticals. The Guided Step-by-step Labs Include Exercises with Detailed Tasks, Supporting Tools, And Additional Materials. The State-of-the-art “Open Environment” Allows You to Launch a Complete Live Range Open for Any Form of Hacking or Testing.

The Program Provides You Skills and Knowledge Long with An Arsenal of Hacking Tools to Make You Proficient in Writing Custom Hacking Code. The Organizations Hire You to Help Them Protect Their Systems by Applying a Suitable Methodology to Conduct an Effective Penetration Test.

The EC-Council ILab’s Cyber Range Allows You to Access a Host of Virtual Machines Preconfigured with Vulnerabilities, Exploits, Tools, And Scripts Dynamically from Anywhere with an Internet Connection.

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