Courses Overview

Ec-Council’s Certified Incident Handler (E|CIH) Program Has Been Designed and Developed in Collaboration with Global Cybersecurity, Incident Handling and Response Practitioners. This Comprehensive Specialist-level Program Provides the Knowledge and Skills Required to Effectively Handle Post-Breach Consequences by Reducing the Impact of The Incident, From A Financial as Well as Reputational Perspective.

What You Will Learn

Cyber Security Professionals Keen on Pursuing Incident Handling and Response as a Career Require Comprehensive Training Program That Teaches Concepts but Also Allows Them to Experience Real – Scenarios.

EC-Council Has Developed a Highly Interactive, Comprehensive, Standards-based, Intensive 3-day Training Program and Certification Following a Rigorous and Careful Job Task Analysis (JTA) Related to Incident Handling and Incident First Responder Jobs. The E|CIH Program Uses a Structured Approach to Learning Real-world Incident Handling and Response Requirements. It Includes Hands-on Learning Delivered Through Labs Within the Training Program.

This Method-driven Program Uses a Holistic Approach to Cover Vast Concepts Concerning Organizational Incident Handling and Response. It Includes essential Concepts Required for Preparing and Planning the Incident Handling and Response Process, Recovering Organizational Assets After a Security Incident, And Protecting the Organizations Against Future Threats or Attacks.

The Curriculum of The Program Maps to And Complies with Government and Industry-published Incident and Response Frameworks.

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