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Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (C|TIA) By EC Council Is Designed and Developed in Collaboration with Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence Experts Across the Globe. The Purpose Is to Help Organizations Identify and Mitigate Business Risks by Converting Unknown Internal and External Threats into Known Threats and Taking Appropriate Actions.

What You Will Learn

Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (C|TIA) Certification Is a Comprehensive, Specialist-level Program That Uses a Structured Approach to Build Effective Threat Intelligence.

In The Ever-changing Cyber Threat Landscape, C|TIA Proves to Be an Essential Threat Intelligence Training Program That Trains Professionals to Deal with Day-to-day Cyber Threats Effectively. Organizations In the Current Business Scenario Today Demand a Highly Qualified and Professional Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence Analyst with Capabilities to Extract the Intelligence from Available Data by Implementing Various Advanced Strategies. Threat Intelligence Training Programs to Meet Such Professional Requirements Are Achieved with A Curriculum That Maps with And Is Compliant to Government and Industry Published Threat Intelligence Frameworks.

C|TIA, The Threat Intelligence Program, Uses A Holistic Approach and Covers Essential Concepts Including Planning the Threat Intelligence Project and Building a Report to Disseminate Threat Intelligence and Build an Effective Threat Intelligence. It Addresses All the Stages Involved in The Threat Intelligence Life Cycle and Equips Individuals and Organizations with the Ability to Prepare and Run a Threat Intelligence Program Based on Evidence-based Knowledge and Delivering Actionable Advice About Existing and Unknown Threats. The Program Focuses on Predictive Capabilities Instead of Proactive Measures Beyond an Active Defense Mechanism. It Prepares the Information Security Professionals to Develop a Professional, Systematic, And Repeatable Real-life Threat Intelligence Program.

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