Courses Overview

This Course By EC-council Was Specially Designed for Government Agencies. It Aims at Equipping the Security Officers, Auditors, Security Professionals, Site Administrators, And Professionals Concerned About the Integrity of the Network Infrastructure with The Necessary Skills and Knowledge.

The Training Program Requires the Candidates to Be At Least 18 Years Old.

What You Will Learn

This Certification Focuses on Providing Individuals with The Knowledge and Skills Needed to Design, Implement, And Manage Secure Network Architectures to Protect Organizations from Cyber Threats Effectively. Here’s An Overview of What You Can Expect to Learn in The CNDA Course:

The Course Covers Advanced Network Security Concepts Including Threat Modeling, Risk Assessment, And Security Standards. Participants Learn to Design and Implement Secure Network Architectures, Focusing on Topics Such as Network Segmentation and Secure Routing. Advanced Techniques for Perimeter Defense, Access Control, And Network Traffic Analysis Are Emphasized. Additionally, The Course Covers Secure Endpoint Protection, Incident Response, And Compliance Management. Overall, CNDA Equips Professionals with The Skills Needed to Design Robust Network Defenses Against Evolving Cyber Threats.

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