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The Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) Training for Java and Certification Program By EC-Council Is Designed to Include a Comprehensive Application Security Approach Which Encompasses Security Activities Involved in All the Phases of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). The Course Content Has Been Developed in Partnership with Large Application and Software Development Experts Globally.

What You Will Learn

According To The 2017 State of Software Security Report, nearly 90% Of Java Applications Contain One Or More Vulnerable Components, Making Them Ideal Breach Points for Hostile Attackers. With The Rapid Spread of Cybercrime, The Need for Secure Java Developers Has Also Increased Manifold. The Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE)equips These Software Professionals with The Necessary Skills to Build a Secure Application.

The Case Program Participants Are Considered Experts in Application Security as The Program Demonstrates the Skills Required for Various Expert Security Professional Roles. This Program Is One of The Most Comprehensive Certifications Desired by Software Application Engineers, Analysts, Testers Globally, And Respected by Many Hiring Authorities.

The Case Credential Focuses on The Importance of The Implementation of Secure Methodologies and Practices in Today’s Insecure Operating Environment and Tests the Critical Security Skills and Knowledge Required Throughout a Typical Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It Equips Software Professionals Create Secure Applications with The Help of Hands-on, Comprehensive Application Security Activities Involved in All Phases of The Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC): Planning, Creating, Testing, And Deploying an application. It Includes Guidelines on Secure Coding Practices, Requirement Gathering, Robust Application Design, And Handling Security Issues in Post Development Phases of Application Development.

It Equips All Application Developers and Development Organizations to Produce Secure Applications with Greater Stability and Fewer Security Risks to The Consumer, Therefore, Making Security a Foremost Thought.

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